Security Notice: All Systems Have Been Patched Against the Bash Vulnerability – "Shell Shock"

Notice: A security issue was issued by various security agencies which affected the "Bash System" and which is being referred to in News reports of  as "Shell Shock". This notice was first release Sept 24 and again Sept 25, 2014 .
WereDigital  Hosting as always Has your back on the technical end of things. Our servers have all been patched and scans complete testing all servers and attached devices. Effective Sept 25, a 5:30 pm CST all WereDigital systems are secure and fully operational.  

All users accounts have been scanned and we see no compromise of any account as this time. Please do be vigilent and report any unusual activite with your account. 

The bash system is used for  various system calls and process on a server including database, emails and many more. It is also used on such common software and web facing systems as WordPress and Joomla so it does affect you the end user.

Support Team at WereDigital Hosting is always watching your Back!