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Secure certificate or SSL certificates are required to use secure facilities that transmit sensitive information such as credit card data. Secure certificates operate through the use of data encryption which passes the information in an encrypted form so it is only machine readable. This gives your clients the piece of mind that their sensitive information is not visible during transport from their computer to yours. Obtain a digital certificate to provide your clients this piece of mind.

A digital certificate is provided by an independent party verifying that you are who you say you are. They verify that you are the owner of the site in question and that you are the legal entity that is entitled to use your name.

These companies verify the submitted information to insure the integrity of not only "you to the customer " information but also "customer to you ". We recommend using only the bigger, better known providers as your customers may not be familiar with some of the less known providers. We use and endorse Geotrust, Verisign and Thawte and offer various certificate levels dependent on your needs.Please check below and feel free to contact us to assist you in your choice.

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Certificate Validation Term Purchase
QuickSSL Domain Only 1yr - $85  ordernow
QuickSSL Premium Domain Only 1yr - $135 ordernow
True BusinessID Full Organization 1yr - $145 ordernow
True BusinessID with EV Full Organization plus Extended Validation 1yr - $195 ordernow
True BusinessID with Wildcard  Full Organization 1yr - $545 ordernow



Certificate Validation Term Purchase
SSL123 Domain Only 1yr - $79 ordernow
SSL WebServer Full Organization 1yr - $129 ordernow
SGC SuperCerts Full Organization 1yr - $329 ordernow
SSL WebServer with EV        Full Organization plus Extended Validation 1yr - $519 ordernow
Wildcard Full Organization with Wildcard 1yr - $649 ordernow


Certificate    Validation Term Purchase
SecureSite   Full Organization 1yr - $369 ordernow
SecureSite with EV              Full Organization plus Extended Validation 1yr - $909 ordernow
SecureSite Pro Full Organization 1yr - $779 ordernow
SecureSite Pro with EV Full Organization plus Extended Validation 1yr - $1429 ordernow


Why Should I Use SSL

Extended Validation is Recommended for:

Any Mid-sized to enterprise sites where visitor confidence in the identity of the business and the site is key. A must for websites with transactions for payments, online banking, and eCommerce.

Who needs an SSL Certificate?

A SSL Site provides more than simple encryption. For sites where personal or transactional data is transmitted, SSL is a must. But SSL can also provide identity validationincreasing consumer confidence, boosting sales, and reducing fraud and other threats.

SSL Provides Encryption

A SSL certificates provide encryption plus protection of data for online applications including credit card transactions, system logins, web forms, web mail, control panels, email server connections, intranets, extranets and even database connections.

SSL Provides Identity Validation

With Organization and Extended Validation certificates you receive additional validation for you consumer that the website is operated by who they think it is. This is done through validation of the business which ordered and installed the certificate on their website.