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Common Questions and Answers

We have attempted to answer as many of the common questions as we could here.
Should you not find the question or answer you need please fell free to contact us any time.
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  • What is Website Hosting? +

    Website hosting is the act of renting disk space and bandwidth through a company so that you may publish your web site online to share it with others. You can either opt for free hosting that is usually supported with another company's banners and pop-ups, or you may opt to purchase web hosting services, which gives you complete control over your site's contents.
  • What is Virtual/Cloud Hosting? +

    Also known as shared hosting, this form of web hosting should suffice for most everyone. Virtual hosting simply refers to the fact that your site is on one server, and that this server hosts multiple sites. You are virtually shared - your site will not be the only one on this specific server. Very few sites would actually need the power of a dedicated server, so this option provides to be an efficient and economical solution. Cloud Hosting is a resent addition to the Internet hosting landscape. In its simplest form it implies endless supply of resources. The major Implication is that additional services and servers or storage are seamlessly added as needed without any interruptions to service. There is no need for additional hardware or outside vendors. Simply request the desired service in your cPanel and that service is added automatically. WereDigital has always provided additional services seamlessly to our clients with out interruption through cPanel and called it virtual hosting.
  • How long does it take to setup an account? +

    Your account itself can be ready instantly once payment is confirmed usually with in as little as 5 minutes. Do remember though if you also registered a new domain name that may take 24 to 48 hours for the DNS migration to be complete. The account and access is immediate and you can upload your files ready for DNS migration to be complete. Should you be doing a domain name transfer we suggest changing the name servers to ours before the transfer is started. The physical transfer of the domain can take 2 to 7 business days to complete between registers and you would be unable to change the name servers during the transfer process. Domain name transfers may be further delayed if the previous ISP, webmaster or former employee is listed as the admin contact. The admin contact needs to authorize the transfer. Our DNS or Name servers are: dns1.weredigital.com and dns2.weredigital.com
  • How can I set up eMail accounts for everyone in my company? +

    For all accounts above the Identity Account level, which provides 1 email address, you are allowed an unlimited number of email accounts. As long as they fit in your storage parameters you can add them. You can set your mail up as POP or IMAP, and all are accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile devise. All accounts are scanned for spam and viruses by default on our servers, and upgraded quarantine abilities are available. Full video instructions are available in your cPanel account.
  • What is Spam/Virus Protection? +

    Spam protection has been developed universally due to the expansion and flood of unsolicited email. We utilizeSpamAssassin and MailScanner to provide junk mail filtering, anti-virus scanning, and fraud protection for all incoming email. Additional Quarantine services are available at a small cost.
  • What are your DNS or Name Servers +

    dns1.weredigital.com and dns2.weredigital.com
  • How can I connect to your servers to upload my files? +

    We provide you with FTP access to your account. Instructions and a link to recommended software can be found HERE. SSH access is available for hosting accounts above Identity level as well.
  • What is a Domain Name? +

    A domain name is a word along with a TLD that uniquely identifies your web site. Two examples are weredigital.com   or yoursaskatoon.com .  We can register domain names for your site so others on the web can find it easily.
  • What is Domain Parking? +

    Domain parking lets you buy a domain and then have a 'coming soon' page on it. This is not needed - if a domain is not parked it will simply be inaccessible to anyone. Most domain registrars provide this by default.
  • What is an IP address? +

    IP (Internet Protocol). An IP address is the four-part or six-part number assigned to any Internet-connected computer, and is typically assigned to 1 or more domain names.Our Identity and Basic accounts used shared IP addresses, and the business plan provides you with a private IP if justified. Of course, you can always add an additional IP in your cPanel for  a small monthly fee.
  • How reliable are your servers? +

    We employ the latest technology to serve our clients' needs. Our standard configuration is a Intel Dual Xeon servers with full multi threading to provide the absolute fastest connection possible for reading from and writing to the hard drive. All our systems employ hard drive raiding to provide redundant copies of all data and prevent any possible hard drive failure. Throughout our business life, we have had no major downtime that were a result of our servers or setup. We have a team of very experienced network administrators managing our servers; they use many server monitoring tools that notify us of any situation 24 hours a day, before it causes any outage.
  • Are your servers backed-up? +

    All of our servers are backed up and redundant copies stored daily,weekly and monthly.All back ups are stored on isolated servers insuring several copies of your data. We employ redundant groups of Smart UPS devices that provide an Uninterrupted Power Supply. This provides our system's ability to engage our Power Chute Software to aid in safely monitoring and managing power line outage and line noise. (We are able to sustain power outages greater than one hour at full load on UPS). We additionally employ a full gas backup generating system that's instantly employed should a prolonged power outage occur.
  • How many sites do you currently host? +

    We currently host a multitude of web sites spread across a variety of interests. Our servers currently move millions of pages daily.
  • What sites do you currently host? +

    We currently host a wide range of sites from government agencies and departments, home-based business to large corporations, and many non-profit groups.
  • Can I run CGI scripts on your servers? +

    Yes. We currently support PHP. We also provide the use of graphical counters. You can use a CGI-BIN on our Linux servers, which supports Perl, PHP 5, and MySQL.We support may protocals and applications. If you're not sure, simply ask. We likely do, or can provide what you need.
  • What example scripts do you provide? +

    We provide example scripts for client authorization, browser redirection, guest books, forms-to-email, page counters, and more. Additionally, your control panel includes 300+ software packages ranging from photo galleries, chat software, to content management systems(CMS), all freely included from Softaculous in your hosting package.
  • What MIME types do you support? Can I add MIME types that you do not already have set up? +

    We currently support the majority of MIME types, including QuickTime, QuickDraw 3D, ShockWave, StuffIt, and many others. We have no problem adding new MIME types upon request, but do need to test them
  • What exactly is disk space and bandwidth/data transfer? +

    Disk space is the physical hard drive space you are contracting to use. Every single letter on your web site has to be stored somewhere on your web host's server. Each letter is one byte, and a megabyte(MB) is roughly one million bytes. HTML pages are usually very small, but the extra images, scripts, and data bases can take up large amounts of disk space. All of WereDigital's Hosting packages have amble storage capacity that is intended for web content only. Check our unlimited policy for actual intent and definitions. Bandwidth/transfer is the amount of data the server will allow your site to send in a month. Transfer is usually measured in gigabytes(GB) or billions of bytes. Once you go over your monthly limit, a host may either shut your site down for the remainder of the month or it can charge you 'overage'.Users at WereDigital  have large disk space and bandwidth limits. In such rare occasions that the limits are exceeded, your site is never turned off, but you may incur overage charges which are  [module-179].50/GB.  
  • What information is stored in your log files? +

    We log the date, time, result (ok/err), client IP address, the URL, bytes transferred, the search argument and the search engine used, and the referrer (the page that the client came from).
  • What is uptime? +

    Uptime is exactly what it sounds like- it is the amount of time your site is online throughout the entire month. The best uptime would be 100%, but because things can break, many hosts offer 99.9% uptime guarantees. This means that if your site is not accessible for more than 43 minutes in a single month, they will reimburse you, depending on their terms of service. WereDigital offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee - see the SLA ("Service Level Agreement").
  • What are PHP, ASP,Perl, etc? +

    These are all programming languages to work with web sites at their inner level. Most are referred to by their acronyms.PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor ASP - Active Server Pages Perl - not an acronym Each programming language has its own benefits and uses. It is best that you research on your own to find one that best fits your needs. At WereDigital, most editing of your site's content can be accomplished easily with tools provided free in your cPanel without using advanced languages.
  • What is Apache? +

    Apache is the name of the software that allows you to run web service on a UNIX/Linux server. Apache is very popular and provides access to the large majority of web sites on the Internet. It is a freely available, reliable, simple to set up and configure, and it can provide all of the requirements for an web site.
  • Do you offer secure servers for Credit Card Authorization? +

    Yes, all our servers have SSL encryption available and each server has a Secure Certificates to verify that you are dealing with us.
  • Do we take credit cards? +

    Of course! Visa, MasterCard and American Express and dinners club are accepted. as well as Paypal cheque and yes we will still take cash.
  • Can I establish more then one domain name within an account, and resell the space offered? +

    Yes. What you want then is a Reseller account that provides you with all the tools you need to actually establish your own hosting enterprise. You may wish to enquire about our Reseller Program.
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