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Mod PageSpeed - How to Turn Off

Mod PageSpeed - How to Turn Off

By default, we add Mod PageSpeed to all servers. This Module is provided by Google and is chuck full of goodies that will speed up your Webpage.
It compensates for badly optimized pictures, or badly created scripts and much more.
Having said that if you do not know how to use it the module may cause some issues with your website.

It can be turned off on a per domain basis quite easily. To do this simply add a new line in your .htaccess file.
Add it towards the top of your .htaccess file.

Most sites already have a .htaccess file or you may simply make one with your text editor.

Then add it to the public root directory where your web page it's served from.

 It's likely your site already has one.

Open your .htaccess file with your favorite text editor and add this line:

 Modpagespeed Off 

That's it now save the file to your public root directory and you ready to go, Mod Pagespeed is now off.