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Cancellaing & Termination

You may end your service agreement at any time and for any reason by cancelling your WereDigital services (instructions can be found in the SLA
section concerned with cancellation/termination http://weredigital.com/new/s-l-a-service-level-agreement/#norenew
You may cancel your account by cancelling all of your services, which will cause this agreement to terminate and WereDigital will then upon receipt delete your account inits entirety.

Early Termination by client

In such event that the client wishes to terminate or remove their account early or at their convenience the onus and responsibility is on the client to act. The client must log into their cPanel, billing, and domain registration portal and execute the necessary actions to remove their account. We do not remove your account for you unless specifically requested to (see below) if you remove your account by accident a back up is stored for only 10 days so notify us as soon as possible. .

Immediate Termination

Situations do arise where the client requests WereDigital Hosting Inc. to Terminate Immediately. This request is usually received to facilitate DNS and other related settings due to a hosting move. In this event WereDigital Hosting Inc. will require the client to first confirm this intent by email. We will also by email inform the client that all data and email will be lost through termination. Once confirmed by email that the client does understand that all data will be lost all backups and data will be immediately deleted.

As per the Service Level Agreement (S.L.A) all early terminations with any time remaining on the account will be credited to the account and can be used within the same calendar period. Credit cannot be stored or credited back to the client.

Termination By WereDigital Hosting Inc.

WereDigital Hosting Inc. may end this Agreement at any time and for any reason.

WereDigital Hosting Inc. cannot terminate your account without cause and takes no position on whether your account is in use past the extent of the fees being paid. As WereDigital Hosting Inc. only provides the service in question we do not monitor your use or non use of your account. It is your responsibility to maintain you user name(s) and password(s) to maintain your account and to not share such with others.

Refunds and Credits

If you terminate this Agreement, you will not receive a refund for any fees already paid. If WereDigital Hosting Inc. terminates this Agreement, WereDigital Hosting Inc. will provide you with written notice, either via postal service, or email to the email on file with us.

WereDigital Hosting Inc. may, in its sole discretion, refund any unused portion of your annual fee, and if applicable, assist you in transferring your domain name to another registrar.

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We provide a link to the free third party monitoring service ChangeDetection.com. By doing such we encourage you to keep up to date with any changes to both our responsibilities to you and your responsibility to us. We do reserve the right to make changes to our policy's so please keep informed to your rights and obligations.