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Timely Payment

Your right to use of our services are contingent on timely payment of all due billings and renewals.Your hosting account renewal is due a minimum of 15 days before the renewal date of your hosting agreement to insure timely renewal of all products provided. We provide notice 30 and 60 day in advance of your upcoming renewal and timely renewal is only guaranteed if your account is paid 15 day before your anniversary date. All hosting accounts not paid by the anniversary date will go on "Administrative Suspension" and that will be noted on the main page of your site instructing you to contact us to remove such.

All unpaid accounts will be on held for 30 days after your anniversary date and you can reactivate your account if you so choose. At 60 days all unpaid hosting accounts will be purged. Your may reactivate a suspended accounts and will be subject to a fee of $ 89.95 for such event and this must be done before 60 days after your anniversary date.

  Any domain registration you may have in your account will have renewal notices send out at 90 days, 60 days and 30 days in advance of your renewal date. The rights and title to your domain name is, measured by the term of your registration date. That term being 12 months from registration. If you do not pay your fees within thirty (30) days of the due date, we will close your domain account and terminate this Agreement.

If your account is closed for non-payment, right and title to any domain name previously in your account will transfer to WereDigital Inc. and a cancellation surcharge of CDN $189 per domain name cancelled plus applicable renewal fees will be levied on your account to reactivate the domain in question. See the full agreement and payment terms found in the S.L.A. Here

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We provide a link to the free third party monitoring service ChangeDetection.com. By doing such we encourage you to keep up to date with any changes to both our responsibilities to you and your responsibility to us. We do reserve the right to make changes to our policy's so please keep informed to your rights and obligations.