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Weredigital is here to help. We will be offering numerous how to's and tutorials in regard to website hosting shortly. Check back often.
Service announcements are also posted to our customer update blog

Server Update

Notice to all Client: Today Wednesday Jan. 29 Were Digital Hosting will be processing some Security updates related to Server Security. These updates  are essential for the security of your website . We apologize for a short notice but at time updates that considered critical are released with no notice. The...
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How to Choice your Web Hosting Provider?

How To Choice a Web Hosting Provider   By: WereAdmin So your employer has tasked you with the project " We need a website- find someone". What do you do now ?Let's see if  WereDigital Hosting can provide a few suggestions that will make your search easier and more rewarding .  There are a lot things you should know before you...
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11 September 2018
  We will be updating our MySQL engines from 5.6 to 5.7...