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Weredigital is here to help. We will be offering numerous how to's and tutorials in regard to website hosting shortly. Check back often.
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Just My 2 Bits worth Greg Makuch, Technical Consultant to, WereDigital Hosting Inc. Greg Makuch is the main consultant and is contracted on Technical Deployment with WereDigital Hosting Inc. He is also available for Web Development and consulting of Hosting Services. He formally spent 8 years as a Real Estate agent and certified Appraiser carrying... the CRA designation until he left to fulfill a goal of education. He entered the U of R in 1989 and then U of S in 1991 to study Biochemistry. During his graduate year in 1995 he became involved in Internet development and management and became the managing partner of his former employer Whatever Computes Ltd. with whom he remained the senior partner until its closing in 2012. He spent 2 years working with ThreadHosting Inc before beginning private consultation in 2014. He is a certified in HTML Programmer and is qualified in many computer languages.  Languages such as PHP, Java and Mysql are all currently used on the Internet and his working knowledge allows him to be actively be involved in current development. He has either been directly involved in the design or managed teams of designers in the creation of hundred's of Web sites over the past 20 years. He became a certified DNS Administrator managing 5800 plus domains through various company and now assist's in maintaining WereDigital Hosting Inc. and their hosting division. He is an active member of CIRA the “Canadian Internet Registry”, and sits or advises the boards of several Internet related companies such as “The Canadian Horsetrader”, “YourSaskatoon”, “Yourregina” as well as being providing Private Consulting to many Internet companies and individuals with Internet concerns alike .  WereDigital Hosting Inc. has had many of the clients from Greg’s former employers follow him to receive their Hosting Services from the same technical team. Many of those clients are among the longest running Internet sites on the Internet today. Including companies such as Harvard Developments, SaskSport, Rent 1 and many others. The team has effectively remained the same for over 18 years and are now, either retained by WereDigital on a contract basis or directly employed by WereDigital Inc.. WereDigital Hosting Inc currently manages thousands of clients data, domains, web sites and email in their data centers. The company provides full Internet services to a diverse array of clients, from Insurance, Government, Banks, small and medium business, Non Profit's, Municipal Governments,  and private sites. Greg has been responsible for the delivery of day to day operations, technical, and development teams for many years and assists in coordinating those at WereDigital Hosting.. Greg has been involved in Social Media Development and practices since his first efforts in blogging in the late 90’s. Originally in 1999, Greg was involved with Opensrs/Tucows in the development of the original “Blogware” which was one of the first blog software and thought to be the original social media. Greg currently is actively involved in managing the Social Media for various companies and maintains and operates several of the largest Social Media accounts in the province. With in excess of 9,800 active provincial followers on 4 different accounts and growing. Greg’s Social media expertise is utilized by WereDigital Hosting Inc. as they own and operate some of the most active local social media websites in the province. YourSaskatoon.com and YourRegina.com are both local portal’s that attract thousands of viewers daily and are very actively interacting with the viewers through social media. Greg has actively provided Social Media consultation services and been the lead consultant and provider to numerous Saskatchewan companies. Organizations such as The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, Saskatoon PrairieLand Park, Vern's Pizza, Growers Direct, BrainSport, Outtabounds are but a few of the numerous companies that have used Social Media services provided in conjunction with Greg and WereDigital Inc. Greg has been the lead person on delivering Internet Services including website delivery, Email, Security and Development to many notable clients for over 18 years. That list of clients includes Crown Investments Corporation (CIC), Saskatchewan Lottery Corporation, Toyota Canada, The Phoenix Group, Harvard Development, Green Peace Canada and many more . Most of these clients have now followed Greg and his team to WereDigital from their former Hosting Provider. More
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11 September 2018
 We will be updating our MySQL engines from 5.6 to 5.7 ...