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Why Canadian Hosting

Canadian Hosting is considered among the best in the world for a lot of really good reasons. The Staff at http://WereDigital.com have been working with internet properties for over 18 years now and can easily rank as one of the most reliable hosting forms anywhere. With uptime or servers that have been online over 99% of the time for 10 years plus we have room to brag some. But that's more than enough bragging - let's provide a few fact on why Canadian Hosting providers are considered the best


  • Canada's Strict Privacy laws
    Canada along with parts of Europe have some of the strictest privacy laws found world wide. Canada's privacy act took effect on July 1, 1983 imposing the federal government to respect privacy rights by limiting collection use an disclosure of personal information. See the act here. In addition Canada also has the "Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act." which goes even further in protecting one by spelling out what can and can not be collected and stored.

    How does this affect you as a website owner?
    Simple stated if you have a website presence and store information on that site and host your website in the United States you may be breaking Canadian law.
    As you are hosting your website in the US you are immediately subject to American law. Essentially you lose your Canadian privacy rights and are now subject to the Patriot act. This means that American government agencies have the ability to access your information. Conversely, hosting in Canada means your private information is more legally safeguarded than in the US and beyond the reach of American agencies.

  • Search Engines look for Canadian IP addresses
    If you are a Canadian company and have a web presence quite frankly you want to be found when Canadians are searching for your product or service. That was the intent when you placed your website on the Internet to start with. Right? Even if you are simply providing information you still want to be found. Being a Canadian business its likely most of your customers are Canadian and they will be searching for your product, service or information from Canada.  In doing such the Search engines will filter the results to be Canadian. The search engine use the IP address of the website to determine the location of the website. Therefore if you are hosting your website in the US you're likely not going to be found by Canadians. If you're a Canadian company you need a Canadian IP and or a .ca domain. WereDigital Hosting uses Canadian only IP addresses and manages and operates their Data center from Montreal Canada. We utilize secure Data centers which are fully provisioned against Power outage and has multiple connections to major backbone connectivity utilizing all major backbones in Canada.
  • Canada has best of World Class networks
    Canada is know as a world leader in communications and internet technologies. Canada has high performance Fiber Optic from coast to coast which are highly reliable and is fully integrated with the US and Internationale  backbones in the United States and overseas. Due to our close proximity to Major US cities on both coasts Canadian Data centers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are often closer to those major cities than Hosting providers in the US.
  • Canada Is a Leader in Energy production
    Canada has an abundance of cheap clean hydro and wind power as well as clean coal power production. Canada has never been prone to the disruptions and high cost of power supply that plague much of the US. Canada actually exports power to the US on a regular basis and is often looked to during those US disruptions as an always reliable source of power.
  • Canada is not prone to Natural Disasters
    All the planning in the world does not help when your data center is taken of line due to hurricane, earth quake, or other natural occurring disruptions. Even if your data center has back up power and other emergency precautions in place your Website can still go off line if all the surrounding committees infrastructure is destroyed. A network does go through the community to reach the Internet backbones and if it is disconnected your website is off line possibly for weeks. Canada is not prone to natural disasters. We don't have hurricanes and most of our major cities are significant distances from the oceans thus eliminating threat from there. Canadian Based Website hosting again is the preferred choice.
  • Canada has exceptional people that are friendly, helpful and have a worldwide reputations as Honest, Trustworthy and Reliable
    So if you're looking for Website Hosting, look to Canada to host your website with one of our many Canadian Website Hosts. WereDigital Hosting is one of those companies. Our Staff had been managing and developing websites since 1995 and are leaders in the Industry. If you looking for reliable Canadian Hosting look no further than WereDigital Hosting .

    We have several Plans. Identity    Basic    Business all with low monthly cost.

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