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Considering a new Domain name

Considering a new Domain name

So you are looking for a new domain name for your website.

What domain extensions are you considering?


Why do I ask?


Shortly ICANN (the agency that regulates domains) will be approving the release of literally hundreds of new domains extensions. The new names range from .hotel to .car or .baseball to .football and many many more. This is bound to cause even more confusion to internet end users than already exist remembering names for websites.

So what can you do to minimize that confusion for your new website domain?


When trying to find a "good" name for you website I still believe that the best choice is still the original extension .com or .net. They are by far still the most popular and easiest to remember to many end users. Yes I agree many are not available but is well worth the time to search a few names and even to consider using a .net domain. You would be surprised what names are available


These domain extensions are recognized by all users of the internet and do yield the best recognition.


Below are few fact from Verisign the issuer of these domains. to keep in mind. 


As one of the first web domains .net has the credibility that comes with experience to help business begin, grow and get their shot online. Join the millions just like you that have trusted ,net to give their online idea a hone online.


Be authentic : by aligning you business with a  domain that is widely recognized 

Be Confident : with a domain that has been connecting businesses and customers online with 100% reliability for over 15 years

Be recognizable : by choosing the name you really want on a best-in-class domain


check out the possibilities by searching for your  name as .net first 




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