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Weredigital is here to help. We will be offering numerous how to's and tutorials in regard to website hosting shortly. Check back often. Service announcements are also posted to our customer update blog

Ours Servers Feature Mod PageSpeed

Apache mod pagespeed Joomla, Apache, PHP, Third Party Apps, WordPress The speed of your page and its delivery is of utmost importance in the ranking of your website with Google. To that end we by default include it on all our servers.  What is Mod page speed? Mod PageSpeed is an open-source Apache HTTP server module...

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Security Notice Re POODLE Attack Vulnerability

Yet again another nasty exploit has hit the internet. this one commonly called the POODLE attack was announced October 15, 2014 - see info on this attack. it is able to steal all exchanged information on secure email or other connections. Server administrators world wide are scrambling to update servers to...

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11 September 2018
  We will be updating our MySQL engines from 5.6 to 5.7...